Brick Oven Baked Pizza

(916) 773-6677

130 Main St. ,
Roseville, California 95678

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Cold Sandwiches

Freddie’s Club Sandwich $5.99

Wheat bread, Turkey, Ham, Avocado, Provolone Cheese,
Tomato, Lettuce, Mustard & Mayonnaise

Turkey Sandwich $5.75

French Roll, Sliced Turkey Breast, Provolone Cheese,
Tomato, Lettuce, Mustard & Mayonnaise

Hot Sandwiches

Italian Sub $5.75

Italian Salami, Pepperoni, Ham, Melted Provolone Cheese,
Avocado, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mustard & Mayonnaise

Pastrami Special $6.75

French Roll, Sliced Pastrami, Mozzarella Cheese,
Mustard & Mayonnaise

Meat Ball Sub $5.99

Fresh Meatballs, Marinara Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese

Vegetarian Sub $5.59

Avocado, Mozzarella Cheese, Green Pepper, Spinach,
Mushrooms, Olives, Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic & lettuce

Chicken Philly $5.99

Sautéed Fresh Chicken Breast, Provolone Cheese,
Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions & Mayonnaise

Sausage Sub $6.25

Fresh Sausages, Mozzarella Cheese & Marinara Sauce

Philly Cheese Steak $6.25

Sautéed Beef Steak With Green Peppers, Mushrooms,
Onions, Mayonnaise & Provolone Cheese


Buffalo Wings $7.99

1 Pound Of Wings Marinated in Fresh Spices, Served With
Carrots, Ranch Dip On The Side

Pizza Rolls $5.99

Pizza Dough Stuffed W/Mozzarella Cheese & Pepperoni,
Served With Our Original Marinara Sauce

Cheese Bread Stick $5.99

Pizza Dough Brushed W/Garlic Spread, Parmesan Cheese,
Served With Our Original Marinara Sauce

Garlic Bread $2.25

French Bread Slices, Brushed With Garlic Spread.

Cheese Bread $3.49

French Bread Brushed With Garlic Spread Topped With
Melted Mozzarella

Pesto Or Garlic Chips $5.75 • Large $9.75

Served With Ranch Dressing, Add Artichokes For $1.00

BBQ Ribs $7.99

1 Pound Of Ribs With Our Own House BBQ Sauce
Served With A Side Of Garlic Bread

Lunch Special

Monday – Friday 11am – 2pm
Small Personal Pizza $6.99

(Pepperoni Or Cheese), A Green Salad, And
A Regular Soft Drink


Small $8.99 Large $14.99

Your Choice Of Two Pizza Toppings Thin Pizza
Dough Stuffed W/Ricotta Cheese, Herbs, Mozzarella
Cheese, Brushed With Garlic Spread, Butter, Parmesan
And Our Original Marinara Sauce
Extra Topping $1.00


Antipasto $7.50
Small $4.50

Iceberg Lettuce Topped With Green Peppers, Mushrooms,
Tomatoes, Olives, Cheese, & Italian Meats

Caesar Salad $4.95

Romaine Lettuce Topped With Croutons, Parmesan Cheese,
& Caesar Dressing

Green Salad $3.95

Iceberg Lettuce Topped With Tomatoes, Croutons,
& Mozzarella Cheese

Greek Salad $6.95
Small $4.25

Iceberg & Romaine lettuce Topped With Cucumbers, Chopped Tomatoes,
Olives, Feta Cheese, Croutons & Greek Dressing

Cobb Salad $7.50
Small $4.50

Iceberg Lettuce Topped With Chicken, Tomatoes, Bacon, Blue Cheese,
Boiled Eggs & Avocados

Kid’s Menu (under 12)

All Kid’s Menu’s Items Come With A Drink,
8″ Pizza, Pepperoni or Cheese $4.50


Create Your Own Pizza!!!

Toppings: Pepperoni • Bacon • Canadian Bacon • Black Olives • Anchovies • Spinach
Fresh Garlic • Pineapple • Alfredo Sauce • Chicken • Salami • Sausage
Chorizo • Green Pepper • Fresh Tomato • Fresh Basil • Onion • Artichoke Hearts
Meatball • Ham • Mushroom • Fresh Cilantro • Feta Cheese • Jalapeños

Cheese Only
Small(8″) $6.99 Medium(12″) $10.95 X-Large(16″) $15.95

Small $.40/Topping • Medium $.75/Topping • Large $1.50/Topping

Brick Oven Baked Pizza

Freddie’s Combo
Small(8″) $7.50 Medium(12″) $15.95 X-Large(16″) $21.95

Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Onions, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives & Extra Cheese

Milly’s Pizza
Small(8″) $7.50 Medium(12″) $15.95 X-Large(16″) $21.95

Garlic Sauce, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Fetta Cheese, Bacon & Jalapeño Or Chipotle

Small(8″) $6.75 Medium(12″) $13.95 X-Large(16″) $18.95

Canadian Bacon & Pineapple

Meat Lovers
Small(8″) $7.50 Medium(12″) $15.95 X-Large(16″) $21.95

Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon Bits & Salami

Old Faithful
Small(8″) $6.75 Medium(12″) $14.95 X-Large(16″) $19.95

Pepperoni, Mushrooms & Black Olives

Small(8″) $7.00 Medium(12″) $14.95 X-Large(16″) $20.95

Onions, Bell Peppers, Black Olives, Spinach, Mushrooms & Tomatoes

BBQ Chicken
Small(8″) $7.25 Medium(12″) $14.95 X-Large(16″) $20.95

BBQ Chicken, Red Onions & Cilantro

La Mexicana
Small(8″) $7.00 Medium(12″) $14.95 X-Large(16″) $19.95

Chorizo, Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro & Jalapeño

The Sicilian
Small(8″) $7.00 Medium(12″) $14.95 X-Large(16″) $19.95

Pepperoni, Sausage, Bell Peppers & Onions

The Alfredo
Small(8″) $7.25 Medium(12″) $14.95 X-Large(16″) $20.95

Alfredo Sauce, Pepperoni, Chicken & Basil Onions

Chicken Pesto
Small(8″) $7.50 Medium(12″) $15.95 X-Large(16″) $21.95

Pesto Sauce Topped With Mozzarella, Fresh Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts
And Fresh Cut Chicken Breast & Feta Cheese

Chicken Blue Cheese
Small(8″) $7.95 Medium(12″) $15.95 X-Large(16″) $21.95

Blue Cheese Sauce With Buffalo Chicken Sauce, Topped With Mozzarella &
Blue Cheese Crumbles

Chicken Delight
Small(8″) $7.25 Medium(12″) $15.95 X-Large(16″) $20.95

Garlic Sauce, Onion, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Chicken Breast, Olives

Small(8″) $6.75 Medium(12″) $14.95 X-Large(16″) $19.95

Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic, Sausage


Served W/Garlic Bread And Green Salad
Add Chicken $1.50

Spaghetti $7.95

Served With Our Original Marinara Sauce

Spaghetti & Sausage $9.95

Pasta With Two Sausages, Served With Our Original Marinara Sauce

Spaghetti & Meatballs $8.95

Pasta With Two Large Meatballs With Our Original Marinara Sauce

Lasagna $8.95

House Special Recipe With Our Original Marinara Sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo $8.95

Pasta Served With Creamy Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Cheese Ravioli $8.75

Cheese Raviolis, Covered With Mozzarella Cheese
& Our Original Marinara Sauce



White Zinfandel……$4.00/Glass
1/2 Carafe………..$10.00

Beer On Tap

Budlight, Coors Light, Blue Moon, New Castle

New Castle(glass)……….$3.25

Soft Drinks

Pitcher(No Refill)………………$4.00
2 Liter Bottle(To Go Only)……….$2.75